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If You Read Anything This Week: Wine News 12.29.2017

Remembering Jean-Luc Le Dû: Jean-Luc Le Dû passed away unexpectedly this week. Le Dû spent years working as a sommelier in New York City, opening Le Dû’s Wines in the West Village in 2005. Beloved by the wine community, he was known for his contagious enthusiasm, unpretentiousness, and accessibility. [The Daily Meal]

Predictions for 2018: Forbes considers possibilities for the wine world in the year ahead. Their predictions for 2018 include wine in kegs and cans, growth in marketing technology, connections between cannabis and alcohol, rising wine prices, and more. [Forbes]

Tipping in 2017: This year, more restaurants experimented with eliminating tipping, with mixed results. Several restaurateurs have been criticized for their policies, and some face lawsuits. Eater took a look at everything that happened with tipping in 2017 and put together a timeline of the key events and stories. [Eater]

Wine & health roundup: Our understanding of the relationship between wine and health is growing all the time, but still remains limited. This year, the subject of wine and weight seemed most popular, says Wine Spectator. New research was also published regarding dementia, aging of muscles and neurons, and results of abstaining from alcohol. [Wine Spectator]

Preparing for legal marijuana: Beginning on January 1, recreational marijuana will be legal in California. The food industry expects tremendous growth in edibles. Pairings, farm tours, and issues of locality and sustainability will likely play heavily into the cannabis market, as they do in the wine industry. [LA Times]

CA sparkling: California winemakers are increasingly making great sparkling wine. The old California standbys remain, California wineries are making Champagne in Champagne, and both new brands and established ones are experimenting with sparkling. Many first started not because of the rising popularity of sparkling wine but because of cold vintages or vineyards that weren’t producing impressive still wines. [SF Chronicle]

Our favorite SevenFifty Daily article this week

Taylor Parsons on consulting: Widely respected in the LA wine industry and beyond, Taylor Parsons got his start as a sommelier, with notable stints at Campanile, Spago, Mozza, and République. Today, he is using his skillset to consult a wide variety of clients through his business, Whole Cluster. [SevenFifty Daily]

What do you think?

Was Jean-Luc Le Dû a friend or important figure in your wine career? Share your memories with the community.

Forbes listed 2018 predictions for the wine world, and members of our team as well as guests shared some of theirs in our recent podcast. What are yours?

What have you observed with zero-gratuity policies in your market? What do you think is ahead?

Is the relationship between wine and health one your customers discuss?

What do you expect in the CA market as recreational marijuana becomes legal?

What are your favorite California sparklers?

What else have you been reading this week?