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Crozes vs St. Joseph

Calling all Northern Rhone enthusiasts, stylistically speaking, what do you think the differences and similarities between these two regions are?

What are some of your favorite producers within them?

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  • Thanks, all, for the thoughtful responses.  I guess those two appellations have always been blind spots for me, despite my love of Rhone wines going back decades.  It may have been the byproduct of the fact that, when I first started drinking wine, you could get 5-8 year old Cote Rotie on the shelf for $30 or less, Chave Hermitage still cost something reasonable, Clape Cornas was like $20, and Cotes du Rhones were basically free.  (I recall Trader Joes had an 88 CDR for $2 that was super delicious).  I always thought St. Joseph was just tart and thin compared to the Cote Rotie and Crozes was just a bland, chunky imitation of Hermitage.  And, given the good stuff wasn't out of reach and the cheap stuff was so cheap, I didn't see much reason to buy those.

    My head was rather turned recently by bottles of Yann Chave Crozes, and JL Chave's Silene Crozes and St. Joseph Offerus. Mind you, they were all 2015s.  But they were all delicious and expressive, so I figured I'd dig in a bit.  

    Thanks for the shovels. 

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