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Crozes vs St. Joseph

Calling all Northern Rhone enthusiasts, stylistically speaking, what do you think the differences and similarities between these two regions are?

What are some of your favorite producers within them?

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  • So, a follow up question.  Has St. Joseph gotten better or are the good ones simply making it to market now?  And, if it's the former, could this be a phenomenon of climate change?  

    After all, when I was visiting Chateau Unang in Ventoux, I asked the proprietor why the wines of that appellation have seemed to leap-frog other lower-tiered Rhones in terms of both price and quality.  After all,  it wasn't long ago when you'd taste someone's line-up and the Ventoux would always be the least expensive and lightest of the batch.  Now it's not the case.

    He said that, for so long, it was so cool that they could barely get the grapes ripe, now it's not the case and, while other spots may be getting too warm, Ventoux is now in a sweet spot with respect to that.

    Could the same be happening in St. Joseph? At least the part about it being easier to ripen grapes there.  Could it be that it's not as important as it used to, to be on a "roasted hillside" as it once was?