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Biodynamic tasting calendar

Anyone out there live and die by the biodynamic tasting calendar or their When Wine app? Would love to hear perspectives on the philosophy when it comes to tasting.

  • I guess I’ll sum it up like this.  Out of curiosity, I have the app.  Reading your post, I just checked it out and, apparently, today is a bad day for wine.

    Oh well, that sucks because Tuesday is the day each week when I see all my reps.  Should I cancel?

    Now, I’m prepared to believe there’s something there, for no other reason than the peace in understanding things exist that I can’t explain.  But I would take major issue with the notion of “live and die by it”

  • Didn't realize today was a bad day.  Had some awesome wine with lunch!!

  • I only check the calendar when everyone at a tasting feels like multiple wines are disappointing when they shouldn’t be, and I need something to blame it on

  • My horoscope said today was an excellent day for drinking tempranillo, so go figure.

  • Yeah, wines are super messed up today in my tasting group. Totally getable still, but messed up. Superwolfbluemooneclipse coming up. 

  • It has little bearing unless you take into account other aspects like moon phase and such using a full book like the one by Michel Gros. Even then I've had extremely mixed results that lead to no conclusions. If you're asking this for an article, there was that research done by the Kiwis which showed no correlation as well. That said, root days I like spirits for some reason.

  • BD is a farming philosophy and a sketchy one at that. It's somewhat disappointing how much weight people put on Steiner's work, conducted over 100years ago, and that it still gets the undeserved credit it does. I clearly don't put much stock in BD, especially since tasting has nothing to do with agriculture. Fiction can be fun, but I find the reference section a little more enlightening. I do have a few friends who arrange their tasting groups around BD tasting calendars, and I bet you can guess what styles of wines they're tasting...

  • I try not to be so closed minded. I taste both kinds of wine: biodynamic and organic. Grinning

  • One thing that has a clear impact on taste—beyond our evolution-driven innate preferences, or cultural tastes—are human emotions. Just like price, label design, expectations, or the environment you are drinking in, if you think something will have an impact on a wine's taste, then it will!

    If you truly believe that dividing your current locational latitude by the number of the day of the week and rounding its square root to the nearest whole number to see if it is odd (bad day) or even (good day), then you will almost certainly find it to be often true. I don't claim to know anything for certain, but I'd be willing to take a pretty good guess that this approach has about the same objective reality as the bio-dynamic calendar.

  • It may be voodoo but man that voodoo tastes delicious.

  • Some of the most beautiful farms and vineyards I've visited, some of the best produce i've eaten and wines tasted, have happened to have been BD. I'm just not convinced that it is the defining factor that makes them special.

  • I believe it and shoot a pretty good percentage judging the day only on how my coffee smells in the morning. Some days it's roasty and delicious other days it's vegetal. Same coffee, same coffee maker. I would say I'm about 75% accurate.

    I don't live and die by it but I may pull simpler wines on a root day and show more complicated wines on more expressive days.

  • My horoscope says that every day is a good day for drinking Champagne, guess I need to pop a bottle!

  • Yes, I've seen that - I'm doing some research, a few interviews, and also a personal experiment for an upcoming article. Thanks.