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Biodynamic tasting calendar

Anyone out there live and die by the biodynamic tasting calendar or their When Wine app? Would love to hear perspectives on the philosophy when it comes to tasting.

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  • One thing that has a clear impact on taste—beyond our evolution-driven innate preferences, or cultural tastes—are human emotions. Just like price, label design, expectations, or the environment you are drinking in, if you think something will have an impact on a wine's taste, then it will!

    If you truly believe that dividing your current locational latitude by the number of the day of the week and rounding its square root to the nearest whole number to see if it is odd (bad day) or even (good day), then you will almost certainly find it to be often true. I don't claim to know anything for certain, but I'd be willing to take a pretty good guess that this approach has about the same objective reality as the bio-dynamic calendar.

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