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  • Additional info that would be useful if you want the best recommendations:

    - Does the restaurant have a sommelier or sommeliers on the floor? Will you be selling/opening bottles, or will servers?

    - What currently sells well, either at this restaurant or similar ones nearby?

    - What's your expected clientele? Do they want you to have wines they don't already know, or do they want the classics?

    - How big of a cellar will you have? What kind of budget? What's the range on your list?

    - What can you actually get? I know buying wine (or booze in general) in PA is super tough for restaurants, so that might also affect your options.

    Those caveats aside, I'd look to find some classic producers of Rioja, Barolo, and Brunello. You also might well be able to find some good-quality Bordeaux with age on it. All tend to do well in a steakhouse setting, and can be a nice alternative to Napa Cab at a similar price point.