Fine Dining Steakhouse Wine List

Hey everyone!

I have the pleasure of coming up with a wine list for a fine dining steakhouse in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This is my first opportunity to do so and I want to do it right and impress! So my question for all of you, what is your absolute number one wine that needs to be on that list. Steak sauce add ons will include au poive, portuguese inspired chimichurri, brandy braised crab, nebbiolo demi. A focus will also be the marrow of the cow, featured in dishes and used to coat the steaks.There will be a rotating fish du jour option.I would just love to hear opinions from sommeliers around the world on what they think sells and works best in their restaurant. Thank you all so much, cheers! 

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  • Champagnes: if you have Skurnik present jn your market, look up J.L. Vergnon - O.G. it tastes like an illegitimate child of Krug and Salon at half if not 1/3rd of the price. All GC, 100% chard. Sublime.

    For whites: Big, oak driven Chards(there are hundreds to choose from),

    Old World: white Rueda with some oak if you want to be cool and hip, otherwise Meursault from a good producer is a no brainer if you have the market for it.

    Rose: fuller, maybe Tempranillo based that sees old/neutral oak. (Long shot I know)

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