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Wine Scholar Guild

Has anyone taken any of the programs offered by the Wine Scholar Guild?

  • I took the FWS and really enjoyed it.  I signed up for the Champagne ML course.  The information is very in depth.  I missed the exam due to personal reasons.  All in all, I thought the information was great.


  • I am currently doing the Italian Wine Scholar Unit 2 class (Southern and Central Italy) and have the IWS Unit 1 exam coming up this Tuesday.  Like any class, you get what you put into it.  There is a ton of information in the book, not all of which will be on the exam (they highlight what areas can be on the exam in the book), so it is up to each person to pick and choose what they want to do.  You can either study to pass the test or study all the information provided.  

    They offer a lot of good information in a well structured environment.  They focus on the history, grapes, climate, soils, viticulture, viniculture, wine industry (very high level) and the appellations of each administrative region.  There is strong focus on certain appellations, while others appellations just get a high-level overview.  I have learned about a lot of smaller DOC/DOCG regions and many unique and indigenous grapes.  I think it gives a good solid base of information and then from there, it allows the student to really find what they like and explore it on their own.

    The team at the WSG has been very friendly and extremely helpful.  Any questions, whether on material contained in the book or modules as well as any technical issues are always addressed within a day (usually sooner).  

    I have not taken any of the "Master" classes they offer, but will consider once I finish the IWS Unit 1 and 2.  

    Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the classes I have experienced.  It has given me a good amount of knowledge about Italian wines and I have found wines/appellations that I really enjoy and will study on my own to further my knowledge.

    Please reach out if you have other questions, not sure what you are looking for, but would be happy to give my opinion.


  • I took the Master-Level Bourgogne course online and couldn't recommend it enough.  The information was very thorough and in-depth and really helped to cement knowledge of a region that has so many different appellations that I cannot financially justify "learning" through tasting.  You have to be disciplined enough to study on your own and practice short essay writing.  The written material provided was great too!