Burgundy Trip - Advice, please...

Greetings All,

I have been charged with putting together a trip to Burgundy for 8 members of Big Canyon Country Club. The plan is to meet in Reims, Champagne - what better place to kick-off any trip to wine country in France?

From there, thinking we will rent a Mercedes Bus and drive to Dijon with perhaps one stop for tasting/lunch on the way...

Question - does anyone have a Burgundy Tour group you would recommend? We would likely need a driver/tour guide with bus to meet us in Reims.

Any must-see Domains that are fantastic but not so high-end that they don't accept reservations/tasting appointments? I have a few ideas (Joseph Drouhin, Bouchard, Faiveley are a few obvious ones) but would be curious to hear yours!

Please share your opinions and personal experiences - I would love to learn from you and appreciate any and all info. you can provide!