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Vinitaly with Veneto side trip

I will be going to Vinitaly this year and have about 3 days (fly into Munich on the 11th in the morning and tentatively take a train to Verona that afternoon-14) beforehand to do a little exploring on my own.  My plan is to take the 3 days and hit about 3 wineries per day with doing a little cuisine exploration as well. The areas I want to go seem a little off the path of major transportation so I planned to rent car if needed.  My question is more looking for recommendations for transport vs. driving myself.  I will be flying solo for these few days before meeting with colleagues and import company friends for the remainder of my visit beginning the night of the 14th. 

Tentitively I will be as far east as Brescia (Ca del Bosco) and as far west as Conegliano and as far north as Bolzano.  I have not finalized my visits but am looking at these areas as well as around the outskirts of Verona itself. 

Any recommendations are welcome!