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Hi Everyone,
I DO NOT WORK FOR REPOUR, This is just a somm's review of an incredible product that needs to be shared!
What is Repour?
They are wine stoppers that you place on top of the bottle after it's been opened, that actually removes the oxygen from the bottle and preserves the wine.
My Experience:
My name is Cristie Norman and I'm a sommelier at Spago Beverly Hills. I was given some Repour wine savers to test out that claimed to be able to preserve wine for 8 months after it has been opened. I thought it was absolutely ridiculous. Months later, Master Sommelier Will Costello wrote a full report verifying how amazing they work, so I decided to give them a try when an opportunity arose.
A few weeks ago, Dana Farner came to mentor my tasting group of Certified Sommeliers, and someone couldn't make it, so I decided to put the Repours on them. They claim to completely de-oxygenate the bottle of wine and preserve the wine so it is as fresh as when you first opened it.
Two weeks later, I came back to the 6 bottles and tasted them... Each bottle tasted perfect. As is I had just opened them minutes before. Each repour can remove up to 2000ml of oxygen, which means it's not just single use. I think this product is industry-changing and every distributor that carries wine around time needs to have this. I was so impressed.

-Better BTG programs (they come out to less than $1/each wholesale)
-Daily use for reps
-Providing a service for guests who would like to take their bottle to-go, in states that allow it
-Replacing your coravin at home

Their website: https://www.repour.com 
Promo: There is also a discount for GuildSomm members.

I'd love to hear about other experiences with this product!
instagram: cristienorman_somm
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