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The Restaurant Wine list - Case study


This is my first post - so bare with me. At the moment I'm half way through my diploma studies and preparing for the Case study. The subject at hand is "The Restaurant Wine List". What I'm reaching out for are tips and directions on material for research. I've looked around for books and find them being ot of date and not really a reliable in context with this study. 

Thanks in advance!

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  • That sounds so much more interesting than the social media case study exam I had to write! I used ipad wine lists in a few of our restaurants and we programmed them ourselves so they were basic with a search function, and clickable photo that would include a tasting note. I searched "ipad wine list software" in Google because I was trying to remember the name of the company that had a set-up and integrated inventory management system that I liked. That search brought up some useful links. It looks like there are many software companies offering similar, interactive options. If you would like to chat about wine lists, ipads, or WSET, feel free to message me with your phone number and a good time to call.