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The drought of member-submitted events on Guildsomm front page since the redesign

Perhaps it is a pure coincidence, but I notice that at about the same time the new Guildsomm front page was rolled out, folks have stopped posting in the "Member submitted events" category.  There have been no new postings in any of the subgroups for the last eight days!  I do not recall seeing a gap that long in recent years.

On the old page, it was prominently displayed (much the way that "Discussions" still is) and located in larger font on the bottom of the page. 

Now, it is the far bottom right in much smaller font font:

It is divided into seven sub-categories:  Central US, Northeast US, Southeast US, and Western US; International; Non-regional & General submitted events.  (I am not sure I understand the distinction between "non-regional and "general submitted.")

The Guildsomm front-page redesign has been brilliant, but it would be unfortunate if the less prominent position of "Member-Submitted Events" caused entries to stop being posted in it.  This was a major source of information about local tastings for me.

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