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Boston visit

I’m coming to Boston next week for a WSET seminar, i know we have some great people up there in this community and wondering where i should seek out. Any suggestions are appreciated.


  • So many great things! I lived in Boston for eight years and it's where I diverted my grad school plans to pursue wine. Any thing in particular you are seeking out?

  • I'm interested to see what suggestions are made. I'll be in Boston next month to sit for the WSET Diploma Unit 2 exam. 

  • I'll be in town from Sunday to Thursday afternoon. I'm staying in back bay and will not have a car. Basically looking for;

    • mid-priced restaurants with good food and excellent wine list. Doesn't matter what kind of food as long as it's well made and service is up to par.
    • Markets worth seeking out.
    • wine shops. I can't help myself.


  • Where in Boston is the test?

  • google maps has the area listed as Theater District. Between Back Bay and Chinatown. 

  • Select Oyster Bar in Back Bay is great! Also check out Haley Henry wine bar in Downtown Crossing. List leans a little natural, but it's a really fun, casual spot with an excellent soundtrack. 

  • Boston has a great food and dining site called The Food Lens which you will find quite helpful. I am the AGM and sommelier of an Italian Restaurant in Cambridge, which might be a bit of a journey for you—it’s called Giulia and we have an amazing all Italian list. 

    Hope you enjoy your stay!

  • Giulia is amazing! Definitely worth the short trip to Cambridge for anyone visiting Boston. 

  • Have a friend, Stacy Woods teaches wine courses at BU with Bill Nesto MW here are her reccs.

    In the Hotel Commonwealth near Fenway


    Island Creek and Eastern Standard 528 commonweath


  - saus – AWESOME SNACKS and beers 33 Union street

  - nice view on the harbor – not the usual Legals

    Another friend is on the wine staff. We were in the same WSET certified educator class a few years back

  - awesome downtown irish bar – usually has rugby on

    Lir is a Boston college bar -  attracting a young, Northeastern crowd.

    On Thursday, Friday & Saturday night,
    you WILL be waiting in line to get a drink here,
    and may encounter pack of drunken college Yahoos

  - great bar downstairs – resto upstairs – Lydia Shire’s place on Boylston

  - a good place to tie one on! 348 Congress Street, Boston, Massachusetts


    If you have the time, take the $2 ferry ride over to Charlestown.  This place has the best half bottle list I have ever seen!  



    From Jennifer O’Brien, she works for Legal Seafoods with Sandy Block MW  We were in the same WSET certified educator class a few years back.

    These are wonderful restaurant selections below, Eastern Standard is one of my favorite spots for both food and drinks. Island Creek is also wonderful (a bit more informal). And the Hawthorne does cocktails very well. All three of these are part of the same family and located on the same block. We often go one place for dinner then get drinks at another.   


    For incredible wine at unbelievably reasonable prices, I’d recommend Neptune Oyster (North End) or our Legal Sea Foods location in Park Plaza (Back Bay). This is an area Troquet excels in as well.


    L’Espalier lives up to their reputation if you are looking to splurge.


    For great spots to get a drink:

    • Les Zygomates is a nice wine bar in the Seaport District
    • Drink is a fantastic spot for cocktails in the Seaport District
    • Legal Crossing is one of our newest locations – great spot for wine and cocktails in Downtown Crossing
    • Brick and Mortar is a very cool hole-in-the-wall spot for drinks in Central Square (Cambridge)
    • Moksa also has a pretty exciting cocktail program in the Central Square area