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Germany Visit Sept/Oct 2018

Greetings Everyone,

I'm going to be visiting Germany at the end of the year. We will be in Frankfurt for about 4 days and from everything I've read that seems to be the closest to the major wine regions. Does anyone have any suggestions on areas to visit near Frankfurt? I want to drive to the Mosel Valley. Any specific wineries, places to eat, etc?

We will be in Berlin and Cologne as well.


  • Tagging onto this post instead of starting a new thread (thanks Damien :) - I am headed to Frankfurt this coming weekend before Brussels for work, and will have a few days to explore the German wine regions. Any tips on which specific wineries to head to or best way to set up an itinerary would be welcome. Not sure if to go to Mosel for the whole time or try and do a little closer to Frankfurt i.e Rheingau, Nahe, Pfalz and/or Rheinhessen etc. 

    Thanks in advance!


  • I can help you and give you some suggestions: from Frankfurt you can visit the rheingau, rheinhessen, and mittelrhein. Dont stay in Frankfurt it is to far from the winareas and to much traffic. If you Need more specific suggestions, just let me know. I have a lot of Contacts if you like nur I have to know how many tastings you like to do. And even with food & hotels. Hamburg is missing on your plan. Best regards Stefanie

  • Also tagging along to this thread as I'm planning on visiting Germany being based out of Frankfurt but also travelling up north at least as far as Muenster.

    It looks like I have about 4-5 days to play around with, but ideally leaning towards the Mosel, Pflaz, Rheinhessen and Rheingau.

    Also looking to add Champagne and Chablis stops but that's a whole other topic...

  • Hello Stefanie,

    Could I trouble you for some suggestions on potential wineries to visit?
    Also would you suggest that it's better to be based out of Mainz instead of Frankfurt?


  • Arriving in Frankfurt from Copenhagen in the morning, I was able to do August Kesseler, Schloss Johannesburg, Robert Weil, and Kloster Eberbach in a day with enough time to go out in Frankfurt that night and fly out the following morning. Add a day and I'd do Keller, Wittman, Schloss Vollrads, Breuer, and maybe Barth if I could organize it correctly. 

  • Awesome. Thanks!

    I actually will have about 3-4 days to play around with and then plan on heading into France for another 3-5 days. Maybe I can add in a pit stop to Alsace...

    My rough plan has been to do 1 day each in the Mosel, Pflaz, Rheingau and possibly Rheinhessen.

  • If you can visit Ratzenberger Winery. I would highly recommend it. It is beautiful. I studied abroad in Germany and we stayed in Koblenz, near the Deutsches Eck, where the Mosel and Rhine meet. Take the trip out there as well. They have a river cruise in the area. Also you can take a the aerial tram/cablecar across the river to a castle that overlooks the scenery.

  • I was fortunate to visit Ernie Loosen for a few days back in 2011 during the harvest festival in Bernkastel. I would highly recommend making that part of your visit if you can flex your travel dates. 

  • I was fortunate to visit Ernie Loosen for a few days back in 2011 during the harvest festival in Bernkastel. I would highly recommend making that part of your visit if you can flex your travel dates. 

  • Hi Everyone,

    I ended up going to Nahe, Phalz and Mosel for 3 days last weekend. It was amazing - incredible wines, scenery and people. I had some great recommendations in the end from industry friends and German wine lover friends. It was a beautiful trip and I cant wait to go back - better than I had ever imagined. I transit through Frankfurt airport a lot for work and couldn't believe only minutes outside the airport was heavenly wine country. 

    Some of the places that we visited and loved (and that I managed to write down) included the following:

    Doenhoff - You need to make an appointment via email or phone and they are only open Monday - Friday. We had an incredible experience here with Sascha. Highly recommend.

    Shlossgut Diel - Again Monday - Friday and you should make an appointment. We didn't, however we were lucky enough that Caroline the winemaker herself was there and talked us through the wines and the winery. Loved.

    Emrich Schönleber - We only stopped by briefly but enjoyed the wine.

    Gut Hermannsberg - This was a beautiful hotel and winery that we stayed at after visiting the three wineries above. We also had an incredible dinner and the scenery is to die for as is the steepness of the slopes! 

    Basserman-Jordan - Great winery with some beautiful German reds which was a nice change to all the whites we had been drinking. 

    Deidesheim - a gorgeous little town worth staying in for the night and where Basserman-Jordan and a few other wineries were located as well as some great restaurants. 

    The Mosel - we drove along the river just stopping at various little towns as we were headed to Brussels and running low on time. Amazing!

    Other recommendations that we didn't make it to but would go back to are as follows:

     JJ Prum 
    Egon Muller
    Peter Lauer
     Julien Haart
    Willi Schaefer
    Eva Fricke
    JB Becker
    Georg Breuer
    Rudesheim Wine Time walk
    RHEINHESSEN Wineries  
    BADEN Wineries  
    Enderle & Mol
    PHALZ Wineries   
    Josef Biffar
    Von Buhl

    I hope this is useful to everyone and keep in mind that at the smaller (less touristy towns and wineries), you need to call or email in advance and make a tasting reservation.

    Happy wine travels.


  • I would definitely recommend Robert Weil (Kiedrich), Fritz Haag (Brauneberg), Dr. Loosen (Berkastel), Maximin Grunhaus (Ruwer Valley) Whittman (Westhofen) who is biodynamic and the owner is the President of the regions V.D.P. If the estate is not V.D.P. it's probably not worth your time to be honest, also look to taste the estates Grosses Gewachs everywhere you go. Have a blast!

  • Yikes. Johannes Selbach (and his close buddy Terry Thiese) might disagree with such a sweeping generalization. Plenty of non-VDP gems to be found (and plenty of crappy VDP member estates), but to your point, one must be selective in doing so. 

  • Massive thank you!
    And to everyone as well for all your suggestions! I never expected this many suggestions.

    Much appreciated. The great thing is that it'll help other people out in the future as well.

    The only other winery I want to visit that I didn't see anyone else mention was Lingenfelder. I was able to try out one of their wines during a CMS prep class last year and have been in love ever since.

    I'm certainly looking forward to this holiday, even though it will be a busy one! But keeps life interesting! Slight smile