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Germany Visit Sept/Oct 2018

Greetings Everyone,

I'm going to be visiting Germany at the end of the year. We will be in Frankfurt for about 4 days and from everything I've read that seems to be the closest to the major wine regions. Does anyone have any suggestions on areas to visit near Frankfurt? I want to drive to the Mosel Valley. Any specific wineries, places to eat, etc?

We will be in Berlin and Cologne as well.


  • I can help you and give you some suggestions: from Frankfurt you can visit the rheingau, rheinhessen, and mittelrhein. Dont stay in Frankfurt it is to far from the winareas and to much traffic. If you Need more specific suggestions, just let me know. I have a lot of Contacts if you like nur I have to know how many tastings you like to do. And even with food & hotels. Hamburg is missing on your plan. Best regards Stefanie

  • Hello Stefanie,

    Could I trouble you for some suggestions on potential wineries to visit?
    Also would you suggest that it's better to be based out of Mainz instead of Frankfurt?


  • Arriving in Frankfurt from Copenhagen in the morning, I was able to do August Kesseler, Schloss Johannesburg, Robert Weil, and Kloster Eberbach in a day with enough time to go out in Frankfurt that night and fly out the following morning. Add a day and I'd do Keller, Wittman, Schloss Vollrads, Breuer, and maybe Barth if I could organize it correctly. 

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