Formating Spreadsheet for Rep drop ins

I am looking to build a spreadsheet that will help me organize my notes for wines I see during the week from drop ins. 

I would like to include a few points.

Wine maker



flavor profile


Is it right for the list. 

Where does it fit (Happy Hour, Glass Pour, Bottle)

What am I waiting for (Something to move off, season, Cashflow)


I want it to be clear enough that I can enter the data relatively quickly, but also be able look at the spreadsheet to see what I can pull from what I have already tasted. I want to be able to find those gems I have tasted in the past easily, something that may not be right for the list at the time, but can use in the future. Also, if I'm looking for a style, avoid considering something I didn't like at the time. Is there any aspect of this that has helped you out in the past? Any details I am missing that will be helpful? 

Spreadsheets help me stay organized, but let me know if there is something else that has helped you in the past.