DIY wine course & WSET 3 book, anyone?

A friend of mine in an emerging wine region has a lot of casual wine knowledge and asked me to put together some books to help her train at home and get a more rounded view of things. I was basically going to send her Robinson's, "24 Wine Expert", "Wine for Dummies" (with some healthy redaction), and then the WSET 3 textbook. I don't much feel like shelling out 37 quid for a the last to get it directly from WSET so if anyone had a copy from the revision that happened in January 2016 onward and wanted to offload it, let me know.

Likewise, any other book suggestions are more than welcome. Julyan's Sales & Service for the Wine Professional 4th Ed seems to only be available in Chinese. While absolutely excellent and my most-loved references, the World Atlas of Wine or Oxford Companion to Wine are far too massive and "confrontational" for someone at her stage of the game and I'm trying to give her texts that will ease into the subject rather than send her running for the hills.