Owning Your Mastery in an Age of Perfectionism: A Tedx Boulder Chat

I wanted desperately to do a Tedx Talk; Boulder came calling, asked me what I wanted to say. I had no idea. At the 11th hour, I had to propose a topic. So, I plumbed what is on my mind and in my heart as a Master Sommelier (the only perch I feel uniquely qualified to say anything worth something from). It popped up as, "What is the biggest challenge for those chasing the MS Diploma?" It isn't wine theory comprehension. It isn't tasting. It isn't decanting double magnums. It isn't knowing how to be a profit center. It isn't test anxiety. It is that too many defer to the Court of Master Sommeliers' standards as their definition of mastery. Don't defer to, augment with. Your credentials matter most. When you realize that, and come to understand how being a Master Sommelier serves your arc, your biggest hurdle is lept. I hope this helps! tedxboulder.com/.../owning-your-mastery-in-an-age-of-perfectionism