GuildSomm Webinars - Taking Suggestions!

In the last year, we've been able to host a GuildSomm webinar just about every month, with topics ranging from Study Strategies to Champagne to Beer. What other topics would you like to see in the future? 

Coming up, don't miss our Mezcal Webinar with Geoff Kruth on July 25, and look out for webinars on the Finger Lakes and the Loire Valley in the coming months!

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  • I think one on Fringe/linked areas of the world would be pretty interesting and cement context; The meeting of two cultures or ideals in a singular place -> Rias Baixas DO and Minho VR: Alto Adige and Austria: Alsace and Baden: Friuli and Slovenia: Provence and Italy: Savoie and Switzerland... (I think you get the idea)

    Also one on Food and Wine Pairings would be great! I feel a lot of Sommeliers don't have a plethora of resources in this arena, save 3-4 good books (thanks  for your pair) [couldn't resist]

    Perhaps some more attention on Business and running a program? Can always use more info there...

    While we're on the first one, how about context with soil and regions?? hey there's some form of Clay in Piedmont, Tuscany, Rioja, St. Emilion, Oregon and Burgundy... How are those related? There's gravelly/rocky Soils in the Medoc, Priorat, CDP, Walla Walla, Germany, etc. What do all of these contribute... Same for Sandy Soils (Colares, Jumilla, parts of Barolo); how are some of these wines related, how are some not?? I think that would be Geeky

    Another one perhaps on the logistics of how a Tasting group can be run... What are some different ideas to make things work out a little better. How to keep things interesting and running well. What's a beneficial model for wines and whatnot?

    Anyway, my $0.02 .