Pigato vs Vermentino

We had a question sent to us by a member traveling in Liguria asking about the difference between Pigato and Vermentino. I figured instead of answering the question directly, it would be helpful to try to address it in a general forum.

As far as I understand, Pigato and Vermentino are the same variety from a DNA perspective but they are different biotypes. This means that while they are "genetically the same" grape, they have noticeable differences in their morphology. This is why it is common for producers to bottle them separately in Liguria. In general, varieties that have been around longer have had more time to develop slight genetic mutations that can cause noticeable physiological differences. The most obvious example of this is Pinot Noir/Gris/Blanc which is genetically the same variety, but clearly very different in its presentation and resulting wine.