If You Read Anything This Week: Wine News 8.3.2018

California wildfires: Fire season has begun in California, with 3,770 fires thus far this year, an increase of more than 300 from this point last year. In Lake, Mendocino, and Shasta Counties, the Mendocino Complex fires and the large Carr Fire remain active. No winery damage has been reported—but growers are on high alert. [Wine Spectator]

Spanish counterfeit ring: Spain’s Civil Guard recently identified a counterfeit ring based in a restaurant in A Coruña, Galicia, that was making fake examples of collectible wines including Pingus and Vega Sicilia. Four people have been arrested, including the restaurant owner, and four more are under investigation. [VinePair]

White wine emoji campaign: Kendall-Jackson’s 15-page proposal on a white wine emoji has been accepted for review by the Unicode Consortium. This spring, Unicode released a draft list of 104 emojis being considered for 2019; white wine was not on that list. [Decanter]

Blue wine returns: A new blue wine called Vindigo, made from Chardonnay filtered through red grape skins, is now available in France and Spain. The company was started by French entrepreneur René Le Bail, who wasn’t able to find a French vineyard interested in participating so instead makes the wine in Spain. [Food & Wine]

Thoughtful playlists: Musician and composer Ryuichi Sakamoto creates the playlist for his favorite restaurant, Kajitsu. He found the music incongruous with the food and atmosphere and asked the chef if he could help. Sakamoto and restaurateurs share their philosophies for thoughtful restaurant playlists that are not an afterthought or result of an algorithm. [NYT]

Parts Unknown finale: CNN has announced that Parts Unknown will end this fall with a final five episodes. An episode on Kenya completed before Anthony Bourdain’s passing will feature his narration. The other four will be completed by their directors. The show will not be continued with a different host. [Grub Street]

Our favorite SevenFifty Daily article this week

Cathy Corison’s example: Cathy Corison has made wine in Napa Valley for over four decades, and while her strategies didn’t always make sense to those around her, the "powerful but elegant," ageworthy, food-friendly Cabernet Sauvignon style she championed all along has now come back into vogue. [SevenFifty Daily]

What do you think?

What have you heard from California vintners as they consider current fires and the ongoing risk?

How eager are you for a white wine emoji?

Have you tried blue wine? Do you think consumers are more ready for it now than when Gik came on the scene?

What are your strategies about and theories for crafting great restaurant playlists?

How have Cathy Corison and her wines been influential in your wine career?

What else have you been reading this week?