Cheap good wine key

While preparing for the service exam, I became painfully aware of the jagged edges created by the pathetic blade on my old faithful cheap double hinge pulltab corkscrew.  I read the code 38 thread and noticed someone mentioned Coutale Sommelier.  I purchased one with high hopes. The blade is fantastic and I like the slightly heavier feel.  Unfortunately the worm is too thin and short. And if you encounter a long cork, you can't even screw it down all the way because the double hinged arm will not work!  It works fine for a normal bottle, but any brittle old cork does not stand a chance.  Does anyone know of a relatively (or very) cheap double hinge, sharp blade, Teflon coated larger/longer wormed corkscrew?  I stay with cheap corkscrews because  allocate my wine dollars to bottles and not openers.

Alternatively, is it possible for a watch repairman to remove the blade from the Coutale or the worm from a pulltab and switch them?  that would be the perfect solution IMO.

When not in an exam, i could care less about my corkscrew and I take pride in using the worst one I can find, but in an exam I don't want to deal with a corkscrew that is less than perfect.  


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  • I carry a Coutale as well and I agree. However my solution is simple. I also carry a monopole. I wear a suit on the floor so I have a plethora of pockets (by the way gentlemen, getting a ticket pocket built into your suit coat is the best thing ever if you carry a wine tool. Just have your tailor reinforce the stitching) which means carrying multiple tools is not a problem. However, two of my servers also carry both tools as they wear aprons. 

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