The Rum Revival - WSET Diploma Student in Tokyo

I am a Diploma student at WSET living in Tokyo. As a part of the study unit on the global wine business, we have to write a short paper (2.500-3.000 words) on a topic, which can range from bulk wine to Bordeaux's 2017 vintage.

The topic I have to work on is "The Rum Revival". I have almost finish it by now and I can say already that I have learned a lot along the way. Rum is still misunderstood by many people working in the drinks business. It is full of sippable and mixable drinks, some perfect for the "legendary party", others worthy of the finest collections. 

Statistics show that rum is having indeed something of a revival, not only in volumes, but as well in value. However, it is terribly difficult for me to see at this point where this is going. And maybe I fell in love too much with my study subject. Here in Japan people are ignoring any news of a rum revival, as this country runs firmly on Shochu and Whisky.

As a reality check, I would like to stick my finger in the wind and ask you:

Would you agree to news of a "Rum Revival" where you are working? Is it just beginning or already over?