Old-World Inspired Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon and BDX Blends


Recently, I've been enjoying Trinité Estate's 'Acaibo' from the Lurton family's property in Sonoma. I have been looking to expand the Sonoma selections featured in my program (I like what I have from Napa, Santa Cruz, etc but always love to hear suggestions) that lean more 'old world' (sorry to use the term). Obviously Verité would come to mind and I do have some older vintages. However I'm looking for a lower price tier (and I believe their style has shifted a bit). I was hoping to open a discussion up on great Sonoma cabernet and cabernet based wines (or right bank style blends, or just interesting things that are off the radar) that I should pay attention to and get my hands on. 

Thanks so much for your input!