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Wine Lists (Pricing Structures)

Hey everyone!

Just generally curious about this topic because after researching a bit I haven't been able to locate a solid resource on this. I want to know the business side of wine lists a bit more. I studied business in college, but not in relation to wine. I understand contribution margins, COGS, etc, but I'm interested in how to price and how to decide how the wine list will perform.

Any resources or help would be appreciated! 

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  • Don't hesitate to make money on a BTG program. People need to pay for their seat in your restaurant. A typical approach is to charge your cost of the bottle for a 5-6oz pour. For glasses that are say $15 and above, I would consider scaling down that type of markup. I am also a fan of a small selection of wines by the glass; focus them. Fewer choices mean fresher wines and less waste.