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Wine Lists (Pricing Structures)

Hey everyone!

Just generally curious about this topic because after researching a bit I haven't been able to locate a solid resource on this. I want to know the business side of wine lists a bit more. I studied business in college, but not in relation to wine. I understand contribution margins, COGS, etc, but I'm interested in how to price and how to decide how the wine list will perform.

Any resources or help would be appreciated! 

  • Adding to this, does anyone have any thoughts on Large Format mark up structure? I would assume that it is similar to how I mark up my more expensive bottles (following the suggestion of more expensive/charge less), but I would love some other feedback!

  • With large formats, if it is on your list as a 750, I mark them up to be $10ish less than 2 bottles.  Example:  Frank Family Cab 750 $95, 1.5 $180.  If it is fun stuff, like 1998 Dunn Howell Mtn, x2.  Think contribution margin, not line item cost.  That is what your BTG program is for.  To balance out the higher cost items.

  • Thank you! Makes sense with parallel bottles to the BTB program, and having the section is fun as you said. Appreciate the response!

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