Hey everyone!

Just curious if I have to know all the DOCG's for certified, or just a select few. 

Let me know!

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  • I'm studying for certified and planning on having all the DOCGs memorized, but I second the above notion that it's much more important to know the major native Italian grapes and regions, particularly ones that are trending today like Etna wines. I'm just following the advice that the best way to study for a test is to prepare for one level higher than the test you're taking.

    Always study from a solid base and build up from that. If you can't list the 20 Italian wines regions and know a little about where they are, what their importance is, etc, I would start there. Vino Italiano by Lynch and Bastianich is outdated but still a great, fun way to get a handle of the regions.

    Also though, I'm working on a document that maps out the DOCGs in fairly logical groupings, I can email it to you if you like.