Why is there no CMS directory? Can there be one?


I am writing to figure out how we can have some more transparency within the ranks of the CMS, in regards to the attainment of certification within the program.

I have noticed, especially in small markets such as mine, that a lot of people misrepresent their certifications and qualifications within the worlds of wine, beer, and spirits.

I have met several people claiming to be advanced sommeliers in the state of Alaska even though I know that there is nobody in the state who has passed the advanced exam.

Additionally, I have overheard several others talking about being a "certified sommelier" when they have not been through the program with the court, and they have not sat and passed the certified sommelier examination.  I have also heard several people say that they are "certified" after sitting through and passing the introductory exam with the court.

Previously, when I had written in to the court to check a job candidates CMS credentials I was told that the candidate would need to be contacted and give explicit consent before they could confirm or deny that this person was indeed an advanced sommelier.

Can the CMS please think about publishing a directory? I would like to know who is advanced and certified.  Right now only the names of the Master Sommeliers is published and this does not really help in regards to the situations above that I am speaking about.

In the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) as well as the Cicerone Certification Program in the beer side of our industry they have done an excellent job with 100% transparency.  The directory they have with the Cicerone program is all encompassing and includes all 106,695 people who have ever been involved in their program at any level.

The searchable directory makes it very easy to see if somebody is indeed a Master Cicerone, a Certified Beer Server, or somewhere in between.

If I e-mail the BJCP and ask if somebody is a certified judge they can e-mail me back and let me know within the same day.  Can we have similar transparency with the court?

After working so hard to become certified and whilst continuing to pursue my advanced sommelier credentials it gets disheartening and upsetting to hear many people throw around these terms without having achieved the certifications.  I would like an easy way to follow up on a persons credentials.

I know that the guild is not directly affiliated with the court but I just wanted to share my thoughts with everybody here and see if we can gain any insight to how we may get a directory of court certified Sommeliers started.

Let me know your thoughts on this topic.  I thank you for your feedback.

With kind regards,