Digital tasting notes solutions

My apologies if this has been covered here, but I've had a life change that requires I scrap the old-school, hand-written tasting notes style of keeping track of wines that I like and may queue up for my list(s).  In short, I've been diagnosed with PD, which, among other things, has rendered my already poor handwriting to something that more accurately resembles an EKG line.  

As such, I need to go digital and somehow incorporate a keyboard into the process.  I've never used 750 and have inquired to them whether or not my reps (the vast majority of which use it based on the hard copies of tasting sheets I get), can send me digital copies of the sheets that I can pull up while I'm meeting with them and add my own notes.  And, while I'm at it, make my own lists to remind myself of what I want to bring on.

I guess my question is two-fold.  Has anyone used 750 in this manner?  Or, are there other suggestions out there to achieve what I need.  

I realize I could simply create word docs and re-enter all the wines on my own, but I'm guessing theres a slicker way to do it.