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How much would you pay for a glass of Krug?

Hello everyone-

I just got approached by the good people at LVMH, offering half bottles of Krug for a BTG placement. Though it's not perfect for my cost, I settled on $99 for two glasses, and I think that's pretty good for the higher-end steakhouse where I work. My boss, on the other hand, thought it was "obscenely expensive" and will only let me list it at $59, which hurts big time for my percentage. Ouchie. 

What have you seen price-wise for Grande Cuvee? There's a little Italian place in Boulder that does $40 a glass, but I haven't seen it anywhere else. Help me. 

  • They have been pushing the half bottle "Krug for Two" program pretty hard. $99 for two glasses is a solid price. sells a half btl for the same price. Don't sacrifice your margins to an extreme extent just to have Krug btg because btg margins is what gives us the freedom to play. M&H does good pricing for Ruinart BdB 375ml usually and you have the name, it's sexy and people love those bright fresh bubs. If you do decide to pour two glasses of Krug at $59 just let me know where you're located and I'll bring my wife for a date night and we'll crush some Krug!

  • My cost in PA for a half bottle of Krug is $79.99 plus tax, so all of these prices seem amazing.  I wouldn't be able to make any profit at those prices!

  • Must be nice! $170/half, $300/bottle here in Ontario.

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