Pairing Opinions Please


Interested to hear what you may choose to pair with the following salad please:

White asparagus panna cotta, white and green asparagus spears, sorrel and radicchio greens, sherry vinaigrette (slightly sweetened with a touch of honey), lavender and pistachio tuile, shaved cured egg yolks.

Thank you.

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  • I'll echo the smaragd gruner, ideally with a bit of age to really pull out the nuttiness (looking at you, '09 Hirtzbergers...); continuing on the Austrian train a high-end gemischter satz from someone like Wieninger could also cover all your bases.

    After that with both egg and greens on the plate I wouldn't discount a high acid semillon/sauv gris blend, maybe something from a warmer year in the Hunter Valley or a producer like Smith-Haut-Lafitte in Pessac...

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