Favorite sources for Spanish language wine writing?

Wanting to practice my Spanish and learn wine terms in another language. What y'all got?

  • Killer idea!

    I'd check out Amazon from a Spanish speaking country (www.amazon.es/.../ref=is_r_n_1 )then search for those titles to see if anything's available in the US. 

  • Try the Librería Agrícola de Jerez - good selection & they ship internationally. Their enology section has a couple hundred books on wine, with most in Spanish: https://www.agricolajerez.com/en/category/enologia They have everything from enthusiast wine books to scientific textbooks on viticulture & winemaking. Also, there's a Chilean wine magazine called Vitis. Hope that helps!

  • Hey Alexander! We have a tab on the site where we have our small-but-growing collection of staff training guides translated into Spanish. I just added you, so you should now see an "Español" tab at the top of the navigation. If anyone else wants to be added, please just let me know!

    Also - I have a copy of Los Nuevos Viñadores by Luis Gutiérrez, thanks to 's research for her "Considering the Canaries" article. It's a current (2017 ed) and interesting text. Regardless of the exact books you choose, I think it's a good practice to seek out some that were written originally in the language you're practicing, rather than only referencing translations of English-language texts.

  • As regards South America I would highly suggest seeking out anything published by the Chilean journalist Patricio Tapia, particularly his annual guide to its wines, "Descorchados".