Does Social Move Bottles?

Do guest ever come in and say "hey, I saw so-and-so's post on Instagram and now I want a bottle of whatchamacallit!"? If so, what are they asking for? And who are those "influencers" who are inspiring them to drink more of Brand X or region Y?

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  • Working retail from 09 - 12 anytime RP/WS or even the NYT posted a high score or a top whatever list you suddenly had an influx of customers all looking for the same bottle/bottles that probably sat on your shelf for months. Now I'm back in restaurants and I have never had a guest ask for a wine they saw on social media. However, as a buyer following producers and other industry folks on social media, I have been known to email/text a rep out of the blue about a wine I saw on a feed. Might be worth seeing if this is more prevalent on the distributor side. It could also be just another example of the insular nature of social media.

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