Will Essencia clog a Coravin?

Hello all-

Looking to expand my dessert wine offerings, and I'm fascinated by Essencia. But since I'm not sure how fast it'll sell and I like to coravin as much as possible (even "bomb-proof" wines like Madeira), I'm wondering if the coravin would it even work on such a viscous wine? We served it by the literal spoonful as my last gig but they never let me pour it (or taste it!)... It seems pretty coating and gluey. Maybe you have to soak it afterwards? Help me.

And thoughts on price? Many thanks. 

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  • Regardless of whether the viscosity of the Essencia would clog the wine, I don't think you guest wants to wait 30 minutes for the measured amount to pour through (even a Mark II) Coravin needle.  Forget the gas and just Repour it.

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