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Flash cards app.

Hello all, 

any recommendations for flash card apps on iPhone?

Thank you in advance. 

  • I was using Brainscape but switched to Anki after the smartest guy I know suggested it

    it's pricey for the app but worth it, just keep your categories vague and large to make the app's spaced repetition more effective (e.g. All of France, Southern Hemisphere)

  • Does it allow for combined decks? I really like that aspect of Brainscape and Flashcards Deluxe, so that I can have organized categories as my studies get more in-depth, while giving me the randomness of larger categories (all wine, all france, etc..).

  • Yes, but sort of. Anki uses the concept of decks and filtered decks. So in this case you’d probably use the standard decks to learn, but for review you’d create a filtered deck that only has cards in it that are due.  I basically do something very similar with how I have mine setup.

  • Yep, to clarify as I make flashcards there's a text box at the bottom that says "filter"

    It auto refills the box with the last filter until I change it

    So when I'm doing Cava which is in the "rest of Europe" category I add "Spain" and "Sparkling wine"

  • It takes practice to use all of the features but watch a few medical student guides to anki and you'll see what it can do, the "cloze" feature is incredible, you write out a sentence and then highlight what you want blank and it creates a fill in the blank card, so you can make three cards out of "Tempranillo is known as Cencibel in Valdepenos"

  • Nathan can you recommend or link one of those guides?

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