What is your Personal wine budget?

For those who are budgeting their paychecks or salary for wine for at home, how much do you think is a responsible % of your monthly income to go toward wines you buy for at home as well as when you go out to dinner? Especially for someone who is going through the court. This could include how much you spend for tasting group.

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  • For this year, since I am on the clock for the advanced exam, I have budgeted ~$400 per month wholesale for wine.  I have been following my road map for study and have been drinking the region I am currently studying for that week.  Obviously, some regions are cheaper than others, but it balances out.  As far as tasting group, we all pitch in a bottle every week in the $15-30 retail range.  My other expense is whiskey and tequila.  You can only drink so much wine before you need to shift gears.

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