What is your Personal wine budget?

For those who are budgeting their paychecks or salary for wine for at home, how much do you think is a responsible % of your monthly income to go toward wines you buy for at home as well as when you go out to dinner? Especially for someone who is going through the court. This could include how much you spend for tasting group.

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  • Be careful with budgeting based on what others say. This is very personal. There are a lot of ways to save money here. Most of the wines you need for Advanced are not that expensive. If you're in the industry you can definitely save by using the most of samples and buying at cost. The use of a Coravin or the vials system is also helpful. Being in a tasting group can also really help off-set cost. I think you have to get your budget by working backwards. Ask yourself, how often you will be tasting. I personally think you can over taste. Some people like to do flights of 6 all the time. For me that's a bit much. Practice gridding out wines that you know what they are. Also, grid out wines without having them in front of you. Focus on actually understanding wines, not just tasting for an exam. It is also important to drink stuff you like in this process. 

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