Overheard at a wine bar...

Guest: "What is Txakolina?"

Server: "It's a Spanish white wine. It just means farm."

Sometimes sommeliers, servers, or bartenders don't know the answer, so they make something up! What have you overheard at restaurants or wine bars that made you do a double take?

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  • Guest ask the somm as he hands him a leather bag: "Could you please chill the P3 1971 and leave the Dujac at cellar temp", somm leaves bag in cellar with both bottle thinking "what did he say?!?!?", later brings the bag to the table, opens it to find a Dom Perignon along with the Dujac and says "Wow, I never knew there was a P3 Dom". That was me last night. I guess it was a good thing since they offered me a taste as part of my ongoing education.

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