Overheard at a wine bar...

Guest: "What is Txakolina?"

Server: "It's a Spanish white wine. It just means farm."

Sometimes sommeliers, servers, or bartenders don't know the answer, so they make something up! What have you overheard at restaurants or wine bars that made you do a double take?

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  • I had a guy last night order a bottle of Barbera D'Asti. As I'm opening it and chatting he tells me he's a Sommelier as well and that Barbera D'Asti is his favorite Sangiovese. I didn't know what to say, I was kind of caught off guard. I thought maybe he was messing with me so I stated that Sangiovese is great but "Barbera" hint hint is great to pair with many dishes, it's one of my favorites (it's not I just had to think of something). Just a day in the life I guess.

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