Overheard at a wine bar...

Guest: "What is Txakolina?"

Server: "It's a Spanish white wine. It just means farm."

Sometimes sommeliers, servers, or bartenders don't know the answer, so they make something up! What have you overheard at restaurants or wine bars that made you do a double take?

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  • I've had some good ones with spirits that showcased noble humanity...

    "excuse me. EXCUSE ME, BAR KEEP!! What did you pour me?"

    [me] "Well sir, you asked for a Bombay Sapphire with a cube, so I poured you that"

    "This is NOT Bombay Sapphire!!" 

    [me again] "Well, sir... I assure I did, would you like me to pour you another right here for you?"

    "Yes! Maybe this time you'll get it right and it will actually be blue! *to one of his friends* Idiot Bartender..."

    Or this gem

    *gentlemen orders his date a well vodka on the rocks. we poured smirnoff in the well, so she got that*

    *lady takes a sip and loudly spits drink out on bar top and me* 

    "This is vile! is this well vodka?!

    [me soaked in spit and vodka] "why yes it is Miss, the gentlemen ordered it for you..."

    "take this shit away and bring me a smirnoff on the rocks"

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