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Tim Hanni, MW on Food and Wine pairing: It's Bu@^#%t!

Was this comment meant to appease a specific group of people at a Sauv Blanc Convention or is he trying to start a revolution? 

I guess I understand some of what he's saying about generalizations not necessarily matching people and specific dishes, but then he goes off topics and starts talking about arrogant categorization, so I'm having trouble following his entire argument. Having spent hours finding the best pairing for a dish at times, I think I can comfortably say I disagree with this type of sentiment. 


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  • Although something I can wholeheartedly stand behind is the idea with pairing wine to the guest first, to the food second. Over half of my guests feel self conscious about drinking the wine they want because they think it's technically wrong. That's a bummer. Also this article is absurdly short and disjointed. Maybe we should look further into his larger message. I'm suspicious of most publications after recent events. This reeks of clickbait.