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Tim Hanni, MW on Food and Wine pairing: It's Bu@^#%t!

Was this comment meant to appease a specific group of people at a Sauv Blanc Convention or is he trying to start a revolution? 

I guess I understand some of what he's saying about generalizations not necessarily matching people and specific dishes, but then he goes off topics and starts talking about arrogant categorization, so I'm having trouble following his entire argument. Having spent hours finding the best pairing for a dish at times, I think I can comfortably say I disagree with this type of sentiment. 


  • There is no Hanni revolution coming...  People can drink what they like with whatever food they wish.  I was going to personally ban him from enjoying food and wine together but forgot that he is an MW who has been SOBER for over 2 decades. What do you do when you are an MW who doesn't drink???  You write a piece called: Food & Wine Pairings are Bullshit.  Honestly, I feel bad for the guy.  Can you imagine becoming a world famous wine professional and then choosing to give up what has made you an expert. He has clearly forgotten what makes for a great experience on the palate.

  • I think that's the point really stood out for me Anthony. I very much understand Tim's reasons for not drinking and they're something everyone in hospitality should take heed of. But, if you're not drinking wine with the food you're eating, it's impossible to really make such a statement. The only way I found out that Carignan and blue cheese are horrible together is the same way I found out that Fino and nearly everything are great together; pairing food with wine.

  • Miquel, did we just become best friends?  Let's stop talking about Tim and go drink some sherry!

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