CV (current vintage) for BTG wines

A restaurant I work with is thinking about listing all BTGs as CV for current vintage. I have not seen this before. Seems like it could cause more confusion than clarity. Does anyone have experience with this? Thoughts? Thanks.

  • That seems so incredibly, needlessly, confusing for everyone involved. I bet most wine professionals would need to stop and think for a second about what they were actually ordering, let alone the average consumer. I see no advantage to this. 

  • This would make sense only if all your customers were Navin from "The Jerk" (one of my favorite Steve Martin characters).

    "Bring us some fresh wine.  The freshest you've got.  This year!  No more of this old stuff."

    Putting CV instead of the actual vintage is a categorically dumb idea.

  • I am not sure what are the reasons for that decision. If it is that the menus are printed out once every 6 months or maybe yearly (high volume casual environment) then it makes sense. I managed the wine program in a restaurant that will make 10 million in revenue yearly. The menus were printed out once to twice a year by a printing company outside of our organization and changes weren't available until the next menu coming out. I had my wines listed on the same menu and couldn't change them as the vintages were changing.

    There were two ways to go, either you don't put a vintage at all (which I don't like) or I had to notate the vintage change on my menu. I had to change the layout of the list and make it more to look like columns. Where my vintage column was I put an asterisk (*) and on the bottom of the list I will write something like: " Vintages subject to change without notice. Inquire about the current vintage with your server." or something in that nature. Once I did that, I mitigated my complaints or upset guests. 

    Hope this works. Good luck!



  • Don't do it, its pointless and does nothing but create confusion.

  • It reminds me of some of the restaurants I saw in France where they printed the '20' and the last two digits of the vintage were written in pencil. That way you only need to reprint every century!