Pairing Sugestions

I am normally pretty good with pairings but always welcome suggestions from others so thought I would get some suggestions on a dinner I have coming up.

The wines are being provided by a guest and he would like to break them down into 4 courses as listed below.

2010 Cos D'Estrounel/2008 Dominus

-2012 Harlan

-2012 Hundred Acre Ark/2014 Revana Block 6

-2005 Kapscandy

The tricky part for me on this one is I have never tasted any of these wines in advance though I have done a little digging and have a decent idea of what to expect from them. The other factor that is throwing me for a bit of a loop is that they are all cabernets so coming up with a spring friendly 4 course menu that isn't all steaks I am curious what others might suggest.

Thanks in advance