vintage charts...

Who would want them on this site to use for research? when you think about it vintage guides are vital information to us in helping be the most informed we can. Why aren't there any on guildsomm, what do people think should they be available on here, just like 3rd party sites? discuss!

  • This is a topic we have been discussing internally for quite some time. We want to make sure that we are not re-creating information that is done better elsewhere, and find areas that we can provide unique value. 

    One added value that I think we can provide, is to allow members to vote up and vote down vintages from their perspective. We have been looking at providing a small amount of objective information, such as relative yield, harvest date, and major viticultural challenges, and then letting members weigh-in on their qualitative assessment and make other comments. We don't have anything to deploy now, but we are continuing to work on this internally and would love any feedback. 

  • I know would be a little more work for you, but if there is a way to take the aggregate data and weigh it based on recency of input (for one of the metrics.)   That would give us an idea of how the vintage is currently fairing.

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