Wine Distribution Laws

Hi Guildees, I hope you are all having a great day. 

I may assist in holding a wine dinner at a local WI Supper Club and have a few questions about distribution.  

More specifically, can an out of state winery ship wine to WI for a wine dinner, not for everyday sale, or do they have to go through a distributor? I thought not, but this link below made me think otherwise. 


"Make It Easy for Restaurants to Pour Your Wines

One of the largest challenges for restaurants is receiving local wines. Here is a list of possibilities that wineries can do in order to enhance the restaurant-winery relationship:

  • Offer weekly or bi-monthly wine deliveries to the restaurant.
  • Organize weekly deliveries for five or more local wineries that can deliver to five or more restaurants.
  • Ship wines directly to the restaurant. If wineries are willing to pay for the cost of shipping, restaurants can better price wines by the glass or bottle that are more reflective of the retail price.
  • Negotiate wine pricing.
  • Always remember, if the restaurant cannot come to the winery, bring the winery to the restaurant." 

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