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Pairing suggestions

Hello Guildsomm hive mind! 

I am doing a dinner in a month or so where my dish, the first course, is going to be a cold roasted asparagus, crab, cream and caviar salad.. I’m leaning twords a bubbly, as I love starting a dinner there, and also think it will be a great pairing, but wondered if anyone else had any interesting suggestions? It is also a women winemaker dinner, the specific wine I was thinking of was from Hattingley Valley, but I also recently found out Suavia is an all female team and thought their Monte Carbonaire volcanic Soave might be a good fit as well... Any thoughts or feedback appreciated! 

  • I recently had a similar salad and really enjoyed it with a Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc. That said, now I’d love to try it again with that Suavia Monte Carbonare - if you haven’t tasted that wine, I imagine it is what Chablis would taste like if the grape used was Garganega. It really is a gorgeous wine, and while I’m told that Soave (Gini in particular) pairs wonderfully with Asparagus, it is a combination I have yet to try. Consider this a +1 vote for using the Suavia and let me know how it turns out!

  • I have had it, it’s fantastic! I’m leaning that way. Thanks for the feedback! 

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