Italian Wine Maestro Certification

I'm curious about the Italian Wine Maestro program that is offered through Vinitaly. I have contacted them and been informed that they have trained instructors who will be offering classes. However, I am unable to find any of the classes offered. I did find something on that appears to offer an online course and certification. Does anyone know anything about this?

I am in the Chicagoland area and would like to take classes there, but am willing to travel if necessary. It sounds like a terrific program for someone extremely focused on Italian wine, but how to get into the program?

For the record, the ambassador program requires WSET Diploma, But I only have WSET 3. I would love some help with this

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  • Ian D'Agata, of Vinous and "Native Grapes of Italy" used to be the educator of VIA, (VinItaly International Academy), he is creating a program  that is amazing! The program is called 3iC (The Italian International Indigenous Wine And Food Studies Center),, and I just came back from 10 fun and educational days in Barolo, Piedmont.  It was an amazing experience, highly recommended.  I did VIA as well, this one is better. Level 3 WSET is fine for an application.  

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