Lisbon and Porto Recommendations

Hi all,

I'll be travelling to Lisbon and Porto at the end of June this year.  We will be about three days in each place and then to Spain.  Do you have any recommendations for specific wineries or wine focused activities while there?  We will be four total people in both Lisbon and Porto.  I have received some good restaurant recommendations for Lisbon by a Guild friend who was recently there, so perhaps more of the wine focused activities or tours in Lisbon and wineries and port houses in Porto would be most useful.

Thank you!


  • I took a culinary walking tour of Lisbon that was pretty good. Also, I recommend heading about half an hour south to see the vineyards of Colares.  

  • We were there last November and really enjoyed Graham's port lodge and Vinum restaurant and wine bar. The Port tasting in the Vintage room was amazing. The tour is fairly brief but informative but you need to reserve in advance.

  • In Porto, the visits at both Cálem and Sandeman are quite good.

    The bar and its staff at Wine Quay Bar were surprisingly good and knowledgeable with a good selection of wines despite the fact it's Ground Zero for tourists.

    Overall though, I'm not terribly impressed by the wine bar offer in Portugal. There's a weird disconnect of getting local regional wines to the cities. Suppose it's due to their history as mainly being a shipper and not a bottler.

    Headed to Porto and Douro on Sunday though. If anything else noteworthy pops up, I'll let you know.

  • Don't miss the roasted pork sandwich at Casa Guedes in Porto! It's a tiny, unassuming spot, but that sandwich is the best thing I ate in my 10 days in Portugal last fall. 

  • Intrigo Restaurant in Porto is casual and good. Vinum, at Graham's, has good views and more upscale. There is a great wine shop with a very knowledgeable owner on the river, near the bridge on the Porto side. It might be Bacchus Vini or on that block. Well worth it to book a day tour of the Douro. I had a fantastic time with Portugal Excellence Tours. 

  • Hi Heather,

    One of my producers lives in Lisbon and put this small list  to try in Lisbon. I've been to them all and really enjoyed the experience. Enjoy!

    • Garrafeira Alfaia - small winebar in Bairro Alto, very casual and relaxed. They only work with wines of small producers and they have a good selection by the glass. Very good food, but more of a portuguese "tapas" stile. Its a place where winelovers from all over the world hang out, great place to meet interesting people. Look for Pedro (the owner) and Paulo. 
    • O Magano  - in Campo de Ourique neighborhood. My favorite restaurant for traditional food - great fish and meat! One of the best services in Lisbon, but the environment is still relaxed, which is  a great plus! Good wine list too. You should book a table. Look for Marco, the owner. tel: 213954522
    • A Chevicheria - In Príncipe Real neighborhood. if you don´t feel like eating any more portuguese food, this is the place to go. It is a small restaurant of a portuguese chef, with peruvian inspired cousine. Very cool environment with nice music. You cannot make a reservation and there is usually a line. But you can hang out outside and order some Pisco Sour and bites for while you are waiting. This is one of my favorite places to go now in Lisbon.
    • Ramiro  - sea food "cervejeria" in Rua Almirante Reis. This has become very touristic these days, but it still the best place to eat sea food in Lisbon. It is very traditional, and I believe it has been open for more than 50 years now. You cannot make a reservation and there is also usually a line. But you can go inside while you wait and ask for some beer and presunto to have while you wait in line.
  • Thank you all so much, these are fantastic recommendations and I can't wait to eat and drink my way thru Portugal! 

  • O' Paparico in Porto is one of the best dining experiences I've ever had.  Tasting menu with wine pairing was incredible, timing and service was a lesson in hospitality.  Not to be missed.

  • On my trip to Lisbon I went to Taberna da Rua das Flores two times. I won't miss it the next time I'm there.

  • Hi! I am from Porto and work here so if you need anything specific just let me know. On wine and dine, I also recommend Vinum(where I used to work) for the view and ambience, definitely book a tour for Graham's as it has the best visiting tours. To try different Ports on your own desire(no prefixed flights) I also recommend Taylor's. My high recommendations to eat downtown are SEMEA by Euskalduna for small plates delicious meals, or Brasão Aliados for the traditional "Francesinha"(Porto's most famous heavy protein dish). I would also be thrilled to make reservations at my workplace "DOP".

    If you are here for 3 days please save a day for the Douro Valley, and even if you're not planning to rent a car, take a train up to Pinhão as the landscape is Unesco Heritage pretty, and around there you can also find some "Quinta"'s that you can visit for tasting.

    I hope you have a great time here, and if you need anything else let me know! 

  • Thanks, Phil!  We are booked at Garrafeira Alfaia and are going to try to hit Ramiro for sure.

  • Thanks Diogo! How may I contact you about the reservation at DOP?

  • If you like a small wine bar, don’t hesitate to go BA Wine bar, in Bairro Alto, this the name, the place is tinny and he is always fully booked, try to reserve your table in advance, He a is very passionate wine lover, let him guide you through some non commercial wines, the artesanal Portuguese wine selection is impressive, for more trendy wine bar, do not hesitate to visit the By the Wine by Jose María da Fonseca, português large producer in Setubal; Piriquita, Lancer’s, off course all wines are JMF, but is worth it you might learn one or two new things from the wine team behind the counter, the food is superb ! Portuguese chef Jose Avillez has opened many restaurants lately in Lisboa, I tried Cantina Zé Avillez, small , modern with traditional Portuguese food to higher level, the wines are fair priced and honest selected by our good friend Group Sommelier Rodolfo Tristão, they also opened the Bairro Avilez a former monestery turned into a gastronomic temple, if you like tapas style stay in the open kitchen area, for more formal Dinning they have the internal patio. Listen to Geoff Kruth and spend some times in Colares, I can highly recommend Casal St María, from classical to modern including a Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noit, probably among the bests in Portugal right now, off course they have a Malvasia and Ramisco from Chão de areia. BTW, the beaches in the sourrounding area are breathtaking ! If need contact at Casal St María, let we know! 

  • Would highly recommend Bartolomeu Wine Bar in Porto. Quite new, very well-thought wine list. Head sommelier knows her Port backwards and forwards. Food is really excellent although the limited menu means probably just one meal there. Felt I was being a touch upsold on my second wine, but still worth a stop.